ONEONETWO Media. We make media that moves. Media to inform, entertain and engage. From concept development through the entire production process to delivery of the finished programme, we can do it all.

Our Team

Steve Scheuregger Steve Scheuregger Producer, Managing Director

A background in the world of advertising is where Steve’s love of the production process began. The pressure and excitement of hitting a deadline was addictive. And he never missed a single one – ever. His experience and career has covered all types of media, but TV, radio and video production has dominated his life for the past 20 years.

Richard Gammon Richard Gammon Creative Director

With a career spanning both art and creative direction for such agencies as Mallet McCormick, Foote Cone & Belding, Saatchi and Saatchi and NGFK, Richard’s pedigree is impressive! He’s directed almost 150 TV commercials and corporate films in the last ten years, with an occasional venture into print and radio.

Iain Faulkner Iain Faulkner DOP, Editor, Company Director

From studying filmmaking at art college, Iain’s time in the industry has taken him from blurry analogue machine-to-machine crash editing into the pin-sharp world of non-linear 4k. It’s not a journey he’d care to reverse, especially “as I get older and weaker, kit is getting smaller and lighter – perfect synergy!”. Iain’s attention to detail is obsessive, and he often has to be told to stop.

Lucy Kamper Lucy Kamper Make-Up

Lucy studied Fashion and Photographic Makeup in Brighton and has since worked in a wide variety of fields, from music videos to fashion. She is addicted to tattoos and never has the same hair colour for long!

Mike Faulkner Mike Faulkner 3D Artist & Animator, Editor

Media is in Mike’s blood – at the age of seven he was on location carrying kit! Mike takes it to the next level, however, and his speciality lies in 3D modelling and animation. If you want to keep Mike happy, just give him an arcane technical problem to solve (he recently designed and built a synchronised 14 video display system for the RCA summer shows) – he’s our Swiss Army Knife!

Jim Ryan Jim Ryan Prop Maker, Set Builder & Physical Effects

An experienced maker of all things creative, utilising most materials and employing a diverse range of techniques. Four years professional work across the film, television, advertising and entertainment industry and involved in some of the UK’s most exciting projects such as the 2012 Olympic Opening/Closing Ceremonies.

Latest Work

We believe that every project we work on should be ‘showreel ready’ - at ONEONETWO there’s no such thing as ‘good enough’. But you can decide for yourself - here’s a quick look at some of our latest projects.


myStyle and Fab Lab

3D, TV, Video


Losing Weight Is A Healing Journey

Video, Web



3D, Video, Web



3D, Photography, Video, Web


Saga Holidays (Travelogue)

Video, Web


Ashdown Forest

Photography, Video



Video, Web



3D, Design, Video, Web


Creative concepts, scriptwriting, shooting and editing

OK, we’ve only made one (Trickster), but you have to start somewhere.

Product launch and conference openers and closers, with on-site shoot & edit

Magazine and stand-alone programmes, efficiently communicating corporate messages

High resolution 4K timelapses

Worldwide location filming including all travel and locatio logistics

Optimised with point-of-interest click zones, plus information and direct sales links

Object and environment creation and visualisation, lighting, modelling and animation

Aimed at short-attention span, passing traffic and designed to create awareness and communicate quickly

Our Services

Premier moving media production for TV, web, corporate

Scripting & Storyboarding

All the creative work before the cameras roll. We can help you develop and structure your project, turning an idea into a script that’s good to go.

3D Modelling & Animation

We are experts in 3D realisation, complex moving objects, full CG scenes as well as architectural visualisation.


Making sure that a production runs smoothly and to budget requires experience and attention to fine detail – and good catering, of course! end

Media Trafficking & Compliance

Getting an ad on TV is a minefield. Our comprehensive knowledge of the rules and regulations means we expedite script clearance, compliance and broadcast delivery to ensure that your ad doesn’t fall at the final hurdle.


The fun bit – the actual shooting, lighting, direction, sound – where technology meets art! We’ve started making mini-movies of this process – so watch this space.

Project Planning & Logistics

There’s a lot more to making a programme than meets the eye – this is all the vital preparatory work that goes on behind the scenes, without which it just won’t happen.


In-house 4k edit suite running Creative Cloud and Final Cut, we can handle pretty much everything the shoot might throw at us. end


How the story is told is the difference between success and failure, and it’s our director’s vision that will ensure success.

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