If you’ve made it this far you already know that our website uses cookies but you might now know what cookies are. You probably also want to know why we use cookies and what they are used for. Read on to find out.

N.b, this writeup assumes you are using a popular internet browser (IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox) in its default configuration.

Each time you visit a website using your chosen internet browser, whether your on a desktop or a mobile device, the website is given the opportunity to store a tiny piece of data on your computer in your browsers cache files. This small file is unique to the website you visited, to your computer and your visit too. This file is called a Cookie. The next time you visit a website that has previously stored a cookie in your browser the site will quickly check to see what information it contains and use that information to deliver a better service to you, the user.

At ONEONETWO we use cookies to track user data via Google Analytics. With this user data we can see the pages people visit most and which pages they come back to time and again. This user data helps us to find out what works and what doesn’t. We use Persistent cookies which will sit in your browser for around one month.

If for any reason you don’t agree with our use of cookies, after you have navigated away from, you can clear your browser’s cookies via the browser’s settings/preferences menu. If you are unsure how to achieve this, run an internet search using the term “Clear cookies” “your browsers name” i.e. “clear cookies firefox”

Please note, if you revisit after clearing your cookies, new cookies will once again be placed in your browser’s cache.

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